Significantly Increases Employee Benefits

Smartflex™ is a medical benefit package with supplemental insurance that significantly increases employee benefits without reducing employee take-home pay.

Smartflex has a cafeteria plan and a reimbursement plan. The cafeteria plan premium for Smartflex is reimbursed by the employer – making the employee take-home pay whole again.

The premium for Smartflex creates a tax savings in every paycheck. The employee spends that tax savings on supplemental insurance included in the plan – like accident, hospital and critical illness insurance. (Plans may vary per employer.)

Reimburses Employee for Smartflex Premium
Uses Tax Savings to Purchase Voluntary Insurance


"Telemedicine is the best. I can talk with a doctor directly, usually within 10 minutes. The last time we used it was on vacation – we would have gone to the emergency room without it. Thanks Smartflex!"


—  Missy, Pennsylvania

Flex Allowance Based on Current Pay and Deductions

Smartflex works with the employer to design the flex allowance for each employee. The flex is created based on the employee's gross wage, filing status and deductions at the time of enrollment.

Employees and their dependents enrolled in Smartflex will have free telemedicine and discounts on dental, vision, pharmacy and more. Employees do not have to be enrolled in the company group health insurance plan to use their Smartflex benefits.

During the initial enrollment period, employees typically have a one-time guaranteed enrollment for benefits like critical illness or life insurance. After the initial election period, employees may enroll or change their benefits during open enrollment only.

Smartflex Benefits Includes Employees & Dependents
Guaranteed Issued Insurance During Initial Enrollment

spending flex

Three employees share how they spent their flex allowance.

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Sample of products used with Allstate.



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